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New Surgical Treatment for Painful Neuroma

A neuroma is a painful swelling of a nerve caused by compression. In the foot this condition is often called a Morton's neuroma. Symptoms of a neuroma are burning pain in the ball of the foot that radiates into the toes.

The conservative treatment for neuromas consists of cortisone injections, inserts for the shoes called orthotics, calf stretching exercises, night splints and oral anti-inflammatory medications.

In the past when conservative measures failed nerve destruction via a series of alcohol injections (neurolysis) or surgical excision of the nerve were the only other options.

Recently a new surgical approach to decompress the nerve has been developed which has demonstrated excellent results. This minimally invasive procedure leaves the affected nerve intact. Patients are allowed to shower and return to normal shoe gear within a few days. Time off of work and resumption of regular exercise varies and should be discussed with your surgeon.

The doctors at Bay Area Podiatry have been trained and performing this surgical approach since 2003.

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  Neuroma Decompression

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