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Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Q-Clear Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails in Houston, TX

Q-Clear Laser Treatment for Fungal ToenailsNail fungus is difficult to eradicate because the fungus grows under the nail plate in the nail bed. Topical medications have a lower success rate in treating this condition. Oral drug therapy is effective in about 65-70 percent of patients. However, there are potential side effects from the medication, including liver toxicity. Laser therapy is safe and effective.

Do your toenails appear yellow, brittle or thickened?

Then perhaps you suffer from a toenail infection, a condition that will continue to worsen over time if measures are not taken to stop the infection. Pain in your toenails might be an end result. Until now, the only solutions for unsightly toenail infections were to surgically remove the nail and apply topical treatments, which have a known poor success rate; or more recently, prescription medications, which have many potentially dangerous side effects and require blood tests.

Lasers are the latest treatment for your unsightly toenail infections.

The Q-Clear laser treatmentThe Q-ClearTM laser treatment can effectively and efficiently rid you of ugly unsightly toenail infections in as little as one treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. The mid-infrared laser wavelength penetrates the nail and the nail bed, eliminating the destructive infection, thus allowing your own body to revitalize your own nail naturally as it grows out clean clear and healthy.

Never a need for needles or local anesthetic with the Q-Clear painless laser procedure

As each toe is treated with the laser, you might at most feel a mild, warming sensation. Many people feel absolutely nothing.

The laser treatment will take about 30 minutes to treat both feet and there is usually no discomfort during or after the treatment. Your physician will discuss post-treatment care to avoid unsightly unwanted re-infections.

You will notice results within 2-4 months, depending on how quickly your toenails grow. New, clear growth begins to appear at the bottom portion of your nail as the diseased portion of the nail grows out.

You may return to your normal daily routine immediately after your toenail treatment.


Why choose the Q-Clear laser treatment to treat your ugly unsightly toenail infections?

The Q-Clear laser treatmentQ-Clear is an effective, quick treatment that provides results. Light Age, the manufacturer of the Q-Clear laser, is a pioneer in the laser industry with numerous years of experience in the aesthetic and surgical medical device industry.

How does the Q-Clear Laser Work?

The Q-Clear produces 1064 /532nm laser light energy that is specifically absorbed by water and water associated with collagen as well as being focused on the color red. Collagen is a major component in the tissues of the nail and nail growth area as well as the skin. The laser is so sophisticated that it can detect and reach the proper target temperature leading to elimination of the toenail infection The treatment then stops immediately without any pain or discomfort. The Q-Clear is an industry-leading laser that was developed for skin treatment. This is a perfect fit for ugly unsightly toenail infections since the nail is simply modified skin.

Is the Treatment Painful? Is it Safe?

The Q-Clear laser provides a comfortable safe controlled treatment beyond most lasers by having little to o thermal effect (heat) on the skin, nail, and nail bed. The Q-Clear provides one of the safest, most effective treatments in the laser industry. The Q-Clear laser is FDA approved for treatment of fungal toenails.

Will this Treatment be Covered by Insurance?

Laser treatment of nail conditions is considered an aesthetic, cosmetic procedure. Coverage for this procedure is denied by all insurance carriers.

How Soon Will I See Improvement?

On average, a toenail will replace itself every 9-12 months. Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 3 months as your nails continue to grow following the laser treatment.

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Q-Clear Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

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